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Project Information

If approved by the St. Lucie County Board of
Commissioners, the St. Lucie wind energy project would be the first wind project in Florida.
The project would consist of up to six wind turbines built entirely on FPL property.
The project represents the addition of emissions-free, clean energy today and for future generations in the state of Florida.

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Project News

Hutchinson Island wind speeds strong
enough to produce substantial
electricity, study finds


Frequently Asked Questions

How many wind turbines are being proposed?
What are the costs and benefits of the project and the role of federal tax credits?
Will safety be an issue with the proximity of the proposed turbines to the St. Lucie nuclear plant?
Do wind turbines kill birds?
Are wind turbines noisy?

Environmental Benefits

Will prevent more than 17,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the air each year. This is equivalent to avoiding the emissions from nearly 2,600 cars per year on Florida roads. Uses no water and produces no waste.



"…the WindLogics meteorological data show that the wind power potential on the east side of Hutchinson Island is significant and appears to be worth harnessing."

- Dr. Howard P. Hanson,   
Professor of Geosciences,